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Science Central plans egg drop

Eggs will plummet from the top of Science Central for the 23rd annual egg drop on July 10 at 1 p.m.
The aim is that each contestant must design and build a container that will hold one egg and successfully protect it from breaking when dropped from a 90 feet tall building or create the largest splatter.

The container must follow all criteria which is:
• Container must be shaped so it will pass through a 12” x12” square opening. The length is unlimited as long as it will pass through the opening. No parachutes or other deploying devices are allowed.
• You may use any materials you wish, except glass. However, if the judges feel your container presents a danger when dropped, for whatever reason, it will be disqualified.
• All entries must fall freely under their own weight. Parachutes or helium balloons are not allowed.
• Finally, there are no restrictions or guidelines for the appearance of your container. There will be a creativity award.

The Design Collaborative will supply the grade A extra-large eggs so do not bring your own egg.
Upon your arrival you will need to present your container for the judges to inspect for compliance with the rules.
Then judges will supply each contestant with an egg, which the contestant is responsible for loading the egg into the container.
Once the egg is inside, it goes to the judge where it will stay until time for the time of the drop.

The judges will drop the device from roof level where the container will land on or near the frying pan target.
At the conclusion of the event, prizes will be awarded for most creative device, most scientific device, most devastating crash, most devastating crash to survive, and a grand prize to each age group contestant that had the most successful device. In the case of a tie, the contestant with the lightest-weight device will be named the winner.

Pre-registration is open now on the Science Central’s website,, through July 9. Registration the day of the event will begin at 12:30 p.m. There is no fee to participate for either pre-registration or registration day of.  
Spectators are welcome to come and watch for free but bring your own law chairs and blankets.