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HCCS board outlines FB field demo

The demolition of Kriegbaum football field was discussed by Steve Park and the Huntington County Community School (HCCSC) board.

The board is approaching the demolition of the facility through a bid process due to the dollar amount they are anticipating it to be which allows for them to get quotes rather than a public bidding.

It will receive these bids from invited list of contractors by the end of June. The list of contractors invited to bid include Amor Excavating, D & R Demolition, Crosby Excavating, Inc., Geiger Excavating, Inc., and Star Excavating.

There will be a pre-bid meeting June 30 with the contractors. All materials that are to be kept must be removed from the premise at this time.

The deadline for bids is July 11 and will be considered by the board July 18.  
Demolition will start after Nov. 1 and finish in April 2023. The actual demolition will be a shorter time frame, but this gives contractors time to fit this project into their schedules.

All items including lights and bleachers will be owned by whomever is doing the demolition. Anyone from the public who wants items from the field will have to go through the contractor.

Stockpile soil is on the site from the new facility and will be reutilized in the demolition project. There will be an area to the side of the field that will remain which includes a pole barn.

The existing fence around the perimeter and the existing field water service and supply line will remain.  
The building remaining could potentially be used for air soft rifles and archery for JROTC. The parking lot and grassy area around it will remain as well. This building will only have electric.

The other utilities on the site will be removed including water to the building that is already shut down, gas supply, sewer connection, and power to storage building. There would be power in the pole barn which will remain after the demolition.

The existing entry columns with be removed and replaced with a new gate for access control. Once the use of the site is determined the location of the entrance and access would be rediscussed.

Also, during the school board meeting, members discussed the hopes for new epoxy floors in the hallways of Horace Mann Elementary School to replace the original carpets from 1989. This floor would also go in the bathrooms. The entire process would take four to five weeks.

The board has also added snow days back into the calendar and are continuing to figure out a plan for the flex days and virtual learning.
Finally, it approved the extended school year to help those students who may have a regression of skills over a long break or those who are close to gaining a skill. This also applies to students who have difficulty with transitions or are on the spectrum. There are three students who qualify this year.