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Council approves district changes

The 2020 Census population data led the City Council to adopt new Council district boundaries during its Tuesday night meeting

These new boundaries rebalance representation across Huntington’s five Council districts. As redrawn and now approved, the difference in population between districts with the most and fewest residents is approximately 7.4%.

“Case law in Indiana basically specifies a rule of 10 percent. That is the deviation between your highest-populated Council district and your lowest-populated Council district,” Bryn Keplinger, director of community development and redevelopment, said.

“Following the Census – in light of annexations, population migrations, all those sorts of things – we were at 12.8 percent.”

When they were adopted in 2012 it was based off Census data from two years prior. The previous district boundaries had a deviation of approximately 4%. From the most-populated district to the least.

Districts Two and Three, represented by Paul Pike and Todd Johnson respectively, swap precinct numbers One and One A.

Splitting Precinct eight in south-central Huntington shifts 155 residents from District Four, represented by Dave Funk, into District Three.

Indiana Code 36-4-6-4 requires the legislative body of a city of Huntington’s population size to be divided into five districts that are neighboring with an equal population, as close as possible.