Shelter staff, board race to sell fund-raiser items

Employees at the Huntington County Humane Shelter have issued a challenge to Humane Society board members in an effort to bring in some needed funds to help them continue their mission.

It's staff versus board members in a race to sell the most products in the first-of-its-kind fundraiser for the shelter. Both groups are selling items from Racine Danish Kringles, a Wisconsin-based company that offers much more than Danish. Other items include cheesecake, gourmet roast coffee, Pine River Cheese Spread, Usinger's Sausage, classic gourmet pizza, three-pound tubs of cookie dough, and snack mixes.

Staff and board members will be calling on businesses and individuals asking for their support, says Shelter employee Jeanie Wilson, who is an animal control officer (ACO) and animal care specialist.

"Everyone will have a brochure and will go out to their supporters," she explains. "We challenged them (the board members), so I hope we can win it. It should be fun."

Wilson admits that she and the rest of the staff are behind the eight ball in this contest as the board out-mans the staff by a ratio of about 4-to-1.

"There are only five staffers to 21 board members," she notes.

Pat Merckx, president of the board, is also excited about the event.

"These shelter guys are the greatest," she says of the staff. "There's a huge amount of stuff you can buy - the challenge is on!"

Staff and board members will continue selling items from Racine Danish Kringles through Friday, April 24. Pick up date is Friday, May 8 at the Shelter.

For more information about the fundraiser or to purchase items call the Shelter at 356-0355, Merckx at 356-5411, or contact any employee or board member.

Staff at the Shelter includes Wilson, Shelter Operations Manager and Senior ACO Dee Hoffman, rescue coordinator and animal care specialist Mary Rothgeb, animal care specialist Sherri Ward and animal care specialist Prudi Shumm. Also on the staff's team is Jerri Hughes, Humane Society educator, and board members Anthony Wilson and Merckx, who have graciously agreed to join the staff in an effort to level the playing field to some degree.

The remaining board members make up the opposing team. They are Dale Rice, vice president of the board; Kelly Hicks, secretary; Amber Beghtel, treasurer; Shirley Powell, executive board member; and Janet Ashley, Diana Clausen, Barb Herendeen, Leah Hunter, Brandi Jones, Sharon Laupp, Jen Mason, Rich Raver, Rose Sober, Tammy Spice, Liz Scheer, Brittanie Scheiber, Jennifer Smith and Mary Van Paris.