Info meeting April 7 for Lancaster tie-in to Mt. Etna sewer system

Mt. Etna officials will hold an informational meeting on April 7 for homes and businesses in Lancaster that will be tying in to the Mt. Etna sewer system.
The meeting takes place at 6 p.m. at the Lancaster Wesleyan Church, 3147W-543S.

Approximately 40 homes in Lancaster, the Lancaster Wesleyan Church and Lancaster Elementary School will all tie into the Mt. Etna system. Jim Lauer, of Schnelker Engineering in Fort Wayne, will conduct the meeting and answer questions regarding the connections.

The Mt. Etna sewer system became operational in the fall of 1998 and homes in the town were tied in by the end of that year. Plans for an expansion that would allow it to serve the village of Lancaster and Lancaster School began in 2000, but were delayed for various reasons.

The expansion was recently completed, including the main running to the Lancaster area, and all that remains to be done is making the individual connections. The April 7 meeting will provide information about making those connections.

"This is just for the Lancaster residents to be able to get the size and dimension of pipes, guidelines of hooking from the main into the residences," explains Mt. Etna Town Clerk Erica Dorsett.

Dorsett is preparing letters to send to all of those who will be connecting to the system.

"The letters will go out to residents within the next few days," she says.

The timeline for making the connections has not yet been determined, but officials will make those decisions before the April 7 meeting.

"We haven't discussed that yet," Dorsett says. "We (town officials) will have a meeting before that meeting (on April 7) to determine the timelines."

For more information call Dorsett at 468-2703.