Approval of grants may fund library expansion

If approved, the Andrews-Dallas Township Public Library could have funding for its expansion by May 2011, with construction to be complete within 18 months of having funds allocated, said Librarian Nancy Disbro at the
Andrews Town Council meeting on Monday, Aug. 9.

Disbro said the library is in the process of applying for two grants: one through the United States Department of Agriculture's Rural Development Division, and the other through the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs. The grant from OCRA is the larger of the two, she said.

At the time of the meeting, Disbro said about 50 income surveys for the USDA grant were still needed from town residents, who are asked to submit those surveys as soon as possible. Once enough surveys have been received, the USDA grant application can move forward.

For the OCRA grant, Disbro said the library can apply for up to $500,000, though the application may not end up hitting the maximum amount. However, she added that the library needs to provide a 10 percent match for the grant, which totals $50,000. But because of the library's limited funds, Disbro asked the council for $25,000 to assist with the local match.

Councilmen Karl Shockome and Ray Tackett agreed that the council will look at the town's finances and see how much the town can help the library financially.

"We will help as much as we can," Shockome said.

In other business, the council agreed to create and agree to a memorandum of understanding between the town and Linda Wright, Andrews park liaison. The document will allow Wright and other members of the Andrews Park Commission to purchase items for park improvements on credit from participating stores. The memorandum will have a $75 cap per month, and the council must approve the expenses at the end of the month before the bill is paid.

"This does two things," Clerk-Treasurer Bill Johnson said, "it prevents Linda from out-of-pocket expenses and it also doesn't bog down the council."

Previously, Wright would have to approach the council before a purchase was made to have that purchase approved.

The council also decided to close the town's brush pile during all hours of the day after a local resident complained of traffic to the pile driving through her yard on Wabash Avenue.

The brush pile has been a problem for Andrews, because while the pile is used by town residents, residents of other communities haul brush to Andrews, creating a much larger pile than the town wants to handle. In addition, Johnson said the Indiana Department of Environmental Management has told the town that burning is no longer allowed at the pile.

Finally, the council held a public hearing on the 2011 budget. No comments were made.