Skateboarders in Roanoke may soon have place to call their own

Skateboarders in Roanoke may soon have a place to call their own, if Roanoke Town Marshal Kip Rupert has his way.
They'll also be held responsible for not following the rules.

Rupert told members of the Roanoke Town Council on Tuesday, April 7, that skateboarders are frequently causing minor damage throughout the town.

Rupert is investigating possible ordinances to be considered for adoption by the council creating fines for skateboarding in unauthorized areas.

Rupert says he contacted the pastor of Seminary United Methodist Church in Roanoke in hopes of allowing residents to skateboard in the parking lot. He said he also hopes to complete a pad designed for skateboarding.

Recently, inscribed bricks along Main Street have been damaged from the boards, Rupert says. Two juveniles were also caught skateboarding atop a table inside the Roanoke Town Hall, he added.

"If we offer (skateboarders) a place to go and we adopt an ordinance, then there's no rea-son they should be out on the street. We can kind of contain them that way. I was a kid once, too, and I liked to have fun, but right now, things are getting destroyed," said Rupert.

In other business Tuesday evening, Superintendent Paul Swain informed the council that trash containers will be in town beginning Friday, May 22, and remaining through the weekend for spring clean-up. Senior Citizens needing assistance may call the Roanoke Town Hall prior to the clean-up weekend for pickup.

Councilman Brian Young reported the town's scores received on projects submitted for consideration of stimulus funds. Scoring of the projects determines the potential for funding. The higher the score, the more eligible the project is to receive the allocation of monies.

The Senior housing plans received the highest score for the town with a 14. Other projects from the community received between a four and nine, Young said. Surrounding areas received scores as high as 20. Young said he believes the Senior housing has a "fair chance" to obtain funding.