Volunteers, cash sought for Andrews park facelift

Several residents in Andrews have come forward to help make repairs at and clean up the town park, but more volunteers are needed and encouraged to join the effort.

A four-member Andrews Park Commission was recently created to get the ball rolling. Members are Carol Sunderman, Lorraine Grodrian, John Harshbarger, and Mike Burton.

Grodrian presented an estimate of costs for repairs and equipment at the park to the Andrews Town Council on April 13. The total amount is just over $8,500 and includes such items as a bicycle rack, four-seat see-saw, shingles and lumber for the shelter, new picnic tables, trash receptacles and various small-ticket items.

The largest portion of the $8,500 price tag goes toward the installation of an ADA dual drinking fountain, which costs around $3,400. Another larger-ticket item is the rental of two port-a-pots for five months at a cost of around $1,000.

That amount reflects monthly rental and once-a-week emptying.

Andrews-Dallas Town-ship Fire Chief Tom Wuensch told the park commission that members of the fire department would help with repairs and other work at the park.

Anyone else interested in helping can contact any park commission member or call Town Clerk-Treasurer Bill Johnson at 786-3848 for more information.

In other business, council:

• Made the decision to move its meetings to the second Monday of each month at 6 p.m. Ordinance 2009-4 reflects that decision.

• Adopted a new ordinance that deals with the filling of a pool or pond. Ordinance 2009-5 allows for a once-a-year adjustment on a resident's wastewater charge for the filling of a pool or pond.

• Approved the adoption of an ordinance that allows for a temporary suspension of utility service while a resident is away from his or her home.

• Adopted an ordinance that allows for a temporary utility service to a residence by an owner or agent for the sole purpose of cleaning up the property.

• Approved Town Ordinance 2009-3, the Livestock Zoning Amendment Ordinance. Mike Hartburg, who serves as the town's legal counsel, explained that town officials have designated the County Plan Commission to act as the town's plan commission and that because the Huntington Countywide Department of Community Development (DCD) administers the zoning ordinances for both the county and the towns, the DCD wants zoning ordinances to be as consistent as possible. County officials have already approved the measure, he said, and that is why each town is being asked to consider approving the amended ordinance.

• Accepted a bid from John Harshbarger in the amount of $600 to cut down two trees, remove three stumps and remove all associated brush. The trees are located in the town park and this would be the first step in clean up efforts at the facility.