Updated county income tax rates in effect beginning on Dec. 1

Updated county income tax rates went into effect Dec. 1 for Huntington County, the Indiana Department of Revenue has announced.

Businesses with employees who live or work in the county need to begin applying the new rates to employee tax withholdings, the department says.

The new combined rate for LOIT (Local Option Income Tax), CAGIT (County Adjusted Gross Income Tax) and CEDIT (County Economic Development Income Tax) in Huntington County is 1.75 percent for county residents and .5 percent for non-residents.

The increase is in the portion of the LOIT allocated to public safety, which has gone from .10 percent to .25 percent.

The list of the current rates for all Indiana counties is available at the Indiana Department of Revenue's website, www.in.gov/dor/files/dn01.pdf .

Businesses with questions about the updated county income tax rates should contact the department at 317-233-4016.