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About Us: History

I would like to take this opportunity to give you a little more information about ‘The TAB.’ ‘The TAB’ was established in September of 1985 as a free weekly newspaper. The goal was to give the community a newspaper that would cover the local news and be distributed to the entire county. Because of the tremendous response from the advertisers and readers throughout the county, we began publishing twice a week in October of 1991.

The TAB’ is the only newspaper in Huntington County where you can reach the entire county twice a week.

You will have a choice of advertising early in the week with our Monday issue or aim for the weekend business with our Thursday issue. With the many choices people have to subscribe to newspapers in the rural areas, we believe a free distribution is the best way for customers to reach the total market.

Free distribution is our only business and not a gimmick to make a quick profit or supplement a paid circulation base. We have worked hard to maintain and increase our distribution over the years. Maintaining a complete total market distribution requires constant upkeep on motor route tubes, a watchful eye on walking carriers and cooperation with the communities. We are also willing to start delivery at a new residence as we are notified. Our circulation figures represent deliveries to households and not the total households in the county. With people on vacation, vacant homes, new residents, etc., there is always room for improvement.

‘The TAB’ currently publishes Monday and Thursday with a circulation exceeding 15,000 homes each issue. Unlike a “shopper,” we carry 40% news content along with our advertising. We are a totally free distribution paper, so anyone living in Huntington County or one of its rural routes will receive a copy of ‘The TAB.’ This includes the communities of Huntington, Andrews, Bippus, Markle, Roanoke, Warren, and Zanesville. Some of these communities’ rural routes also carry over into neighboring Allen, Wabash, Wells, and Whitley counties.

Mechanical Specifications Electronic Files
1 Column 1-5/16 in.....1.339 in.
2 Column 2-13/16 in.....2.846 in.
3 Column 4-5/16 in.....4.352 in,
4 Column 5-13/16 in.....5.858 in.
5 Column 7-5/16 in.....7.364 in.
6 Column 8-13/16 in.....8.870 in.
7 Column 10-5/16 in.....10.376 in.
Page Size 7 Col. x 15-1/4 inches

Ads can be accepted by e-mail at:

Files can also be accepted on 3-1/2” floppy disk, zip disk or CD. JPEG is the preferred format for pictures, although we can accept TIFF and EPS files. Pictures with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher will allow more flexibility in adjustments. Camera-ready ads can be e-mailed also; PDF files are preferred. Larger ads can be compressed.

Position Request

'The TAB' will make all possible efforts to meet specific requests for location in the paper. Requests are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

No ad will be floated in the main news section and no ads will be printed upside down.

Color ads will be positioned according to press limitations.

Failure to meet position request will not constitute cause for adjustment, refund, or re-run.

‘The TAB’ makes all possible effort to be accurate in composition of ads and provides proofs when requested. In the event of an error, ‘The TAB’ does not assume any liability for goods sold at an incorrect price, and will only be responsible for the amount of space in which the error occurred. Claims for errors in advertisements will be allowed for the first insertion only.