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Brain and Brawn: This teacher deals in both

Scott Foster, bodybuilder and teacher at Huntington Catholic School, leading his students (left) and competing.
Photo by Andre Laird, provided

To some of his students, Scott Foster, a teacher at Huntington Catholic School, has the "coolest" pastime.

Foster is a bodybuilder and says he was introduced to the sport by a friend.

"I had a friend who competed in an event in Fort Wayne," states Foster. "He encouraged me to look into the sport and give it a try."

Since then, Foster, who is from Decatur, has been training and competing.

"I got involved in the sport in 2002 and to date I have competed in 14 competitions," he says.

He adds that he competes in the "bantam" weight division, which is up to 143 1/4 pounds.

Foster hasn't simply competed in the 14 events either. He has placed in all, winning nine of them.

"My first win was the Midwestern States Bodybuilding Championships in Fort Wayne," states Foster. "I won that event in 2003."

Since then, other wins under his belt include the North Kentucky Championship in Covington, KY; Junior USA in Charleston, NC and Junior Nationals in Chicago, IL.
Foster won all three events in 2005.

Earlier this year, he placed in the Junior USA in July and won the Junior Nationals in November.

"The win qualifies me for pro status, which would enable me to get my pro card," adds Foster. "There is a process and I have to wait to find out if everything is approved."

Foster says he engages in a strict work schedule with his training partner at Iron Addict in Berne.

"We try to mix it up and do a lot of repetitions," he says. "We usually warm up and then move into heavy lifting. When competition time nears, we work out six days a week, including six days of cardio."

Foster adds that there are a few reasons why he loves the sport of bodybuilding.

"It's a daily personal challenge and competition," he states. "You get to find out new levels of what you are capable of doing, as you push yourself to get better every day. Also the friendships that you develop with the other athletes is good as you are all pushing towards the same goal on that stage."

Ultimately, Foster says his dream is to compete professionally one day. However, he adds that he loves teaching and will continue to do so for now.

"For most of the students who know what I do, they think that its pretty neat," he adds. "Although I'm not sure if they fully understand what it is I do."

Foster says his main focus for the time being, while he waits for his pro card, is to bulk up.

"I would like to move up in weight class, to the 202-pound division," he states. "I hope to compete in that weight class late next year or early 2010. For now, I'm still going to compete and train to gain mass.

"I love the sport and will continue to be a part of it as long as I can," he adds.