Andrews library gets new ‘friends’

Andrews-Dallas Township Librarian Nancy Disbro (left) discusses prizes for the library’s summer children’s reading program at the library recently with Friends of the Library President Laura Whiteleather. Photo by Jessica Williams.

Originally published May 3, 2010.

The new Friends of the Andrews-Dallas Township Public Library group has some upcoming events planned to help promote the library and its history.

Laura Whiteleather, the Friends of the Library president, says the group started about a year ago from a steering committee. She says she has had interest in starting the group for a while and had served on the library board for 16 years prior. Whiteleather says she spoke with librarian Nancy Disbro about it and their first meeting was held in February 2009. There are currently five members of the committee.

The organization has also had its application accepted with the IRS to be a not-for-profit group.

"Any donation is tax-deductible and that really helps," Whiteleather says.

The Friends of the Library hosted a used book and bake sale last year and will do the same this August on the Saturday of Andrews Days.

Most of their activities serve the purpose of promoting and aiding the library.

"What we plan on doing are things that will help the library, things that the library cannot pay for out of their budget, such as the summer reading program for the children," Whiteleather explains, "We can buy the prizes for that."

Also, Disbro has given them a wish list of items the library wants or needs.

In the basement sit copies dating back to the 1800s of the Andrews Signal, a weekly paper that was published, but they aren't in the condition to handle, Whiteleather says.

That's why she wants display cases for visitors to be able to see them.

"There'd be a lot of historical value to those (and) let the community enjoy them," she adds.

The group also hopes to provide more community-minded programs, like computer classes and photography lessons.

There are eight charter members of Friends of the Library, including four businesses to help get the group off the ground and pay the IRS application fee. They have paid a little extra and their name is on a plaque, Whiteleather explains. They think they have about 10 memberships so far.

"There are plans for expansion of the library, and I'm sure that we'll be doing some fundraising for that also," Whiteleather notes.

Coming in September, the library will host an event similar to last year's Friends Fiesta. There will be a program and a membership meeting with the intent to attract more memberships.

The goals for the organization are simple: grow and attract community involvement and support.

"That's what we're working towards," Disbro says.

Donations will be accepted for the book sale, as well as small bookcases and white or light gray t-shirts for the craft of the summer reading program kickoff.
Contact the library at 786-3574 for more information on the friends of the library.

The group is also online at