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Markham sets goal of HN being ‘first class’

New to Huntington North High School (HNHS), Jeremy Markham was named the new Athletic Director for the school during the Monday, June 28, Huntington County Community School Corporation (HCCSC) Board of Trustees meeting.

Now that school has been in session for a few weeks of the 2021-22 school year, Markham is getting to know names and faces of HNHS a little better, and is sharing his goal for the athletic department and school: to be “first class.”

“We’re going to talk a lot about being first class in how we represent ourselves and carry ourselves,” Markham said. “And that goes from the classroom, how you leave the locker room, when you leave an opponent’s place, how you leave the bus when you get off . . . are you representing Huntington North High School in a first class manner?”

Markham said that being “first class” is his goal, as well as to be able to teach student athletes life lessons that they can use in their futures.

“We all want to win, and that’s important when you’re in athletics,”
Markham said. “But we want to go beyond that and we want to be able to teach positive life lessons beyond that. Athletics teaches those things so when (students) leave here, they can go out and be successful no matter what they choose to do.”

Markham believes that, when a program is doing things right, there is going to be a lot of success - and that success isn’t merely defined by wins versus losses.

“Even in a loss, you can be successful because if you’re teaching life lessons, you can learn a lot from those types of losses as much as you can from a win,” Markham said.

Another part of the “first class” mindset growing at HNHS will be the new multi-purpose facility that is currently under construction.

“We just want to  be able to go out and compete and play hard,” Markham said. “We hope students will come out and support, community will come out and support . . . community support is very welcomed by the students and coaches, and that support goes a long way. We definitely want to try to have a home court, home field advantage. And you do that by getting people there.”

Markham comes to HNHS with 25 years of sports leadership experience under his belt. From small college coaching and administration to serving as athletic director for Manchester Junior-Senior High School for seven years, as well as spending time as an athlete growing up, Markham definitely knows the ropes.

Markham graduated from Manchester College with a degree in teaching and later received a master of arts degree from Cumberland College in secondary education. During his time as a small college coach, he knew that he didn’t want to stay in that position forever - and the opportunity to become an Athletic Director presented itself to him in 2011 at Manchester Junior-Senior High School.

“I had been assistant AD at Manchester College for a few years at that point,” Markham said. “I got excited about someday being an athletic director and being around coaches and athletes and just everything about that. Athletics excites me and watching student athletes grow and develop, that’s the fun part.”

Markham and his family enjoy spending time in athletics - whether it be catching a professional level game for their favorite team, or going out for a hike or spending time in a park. He and his wife have five children, all of which are involved in different activities and athletics. He and his wife reside in North Manchester, and together they own Manchester Realty.