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Humane Society rescues 4 dogs

Waylon, a labrador mix at the Huntington County Humane Society waits for adoption
Photo by Royal Smith

Rachelle Romera, the kennel manager and assistant animal control officer for the Huntington County Humane Society, recently found four dogs that were in horrific condition. Rescued from the Salamonie area, the dogs did not easily surrender to care. Romera explained that two of the four were especially fearful of humans. “It took a lot of time and patience with the dogs because they’ve been through so much that it’s life changing for them, and we had to learn how to teach them to trust again,” said Romera. She added that the other two were in better condition, “but we had to be really careful with feeding them. Food had to be portioned out and scheduled, plus it is important to stick to the schedule.” Dogs in this condition have to be bathed more often than normal for their skin conditions, and additional blankets have to be used for bedding to avoid pressure sores. As the dogs came into the shelter, employees there gave them names. Leland was lucky enough to be fostered the day he was rescued by the manager’s family member, and Daisy Mae was fostered out Aug. 17. By mid-August, Waylon remained at the shelter and continued to heal from his lack of care. Courtney Carpenter, community coordinator, said every one of these dogs were very sweet and mild-mannered, and all of them loved being hugged. The fourth dog was dubbed Jagger. Adoption includes set fees stipulated by type of animal; “We have dog fees, a puppy fee, a cat fee, and a kitten fee,” explained Carpenter. Adult dogs are $125, puppies are $200, adult cats are $15, and kittens are $50. Funds go back into the shelter to pay for spaying, neutering, shots, and general overhead required in taking care of the animals. The shelter runs solely off of donations and adoption fees. The donations can be given in many different forms. Contributions are given frequently in the form of dog food, cat food, cat litter, or blankets. In addition, cleaning supply contributions are always appreciated. Contact the shelter for details. The Huntington County Humane Society will accept animals to care for their needs. “We would rather have them brought in, then find them in this condition,” said Romera.