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Tab thanks longtime columnist of community journalism

The Tab thanks Correspondent Donna Brown, for her service these past 37 years, with best wishes for her future. Donna wrote “Around Markle” from, in her words, “the beginning of the Tab,” informing readers about happenings for and about her “Folks” in Markle. Since 1985, she never failed to send her article well in advance of her deadline. She was a dedicated writer. The Tab’s staff and management have been fortunate to have had Donna as a colleague from its earliest issues. Her readers have learned much about her and her community through her contributions. Thoroughness and reliability were hallmarks of her writing.

Donna's final contribution: Hello Folks, Have you heard about the new corduroy pillow covers? They’re leaving headlines all over. I think this is an appropriate start to this article since it mentions a newspaper. I started writing the Markle News article for The Huntington Tab in 1985 while I was the Markle librarian, and 37 years later I’m now writing my last article. I’m retiring from the newspaper business. It has brought me joy to hear from people down through the years who read my column.  I’ve received phone calls and letters from all over, even Alaska and Iceland when someone used the Tab for packing material in a gift box. Thank you so much for making me feel special with your kind comments. I’ve gone through a lot of life changes the past few years, and they have been challenging. This will be a new kind of challenge for me as I find things to do that aren’t work, to occupy my time. I’m looking forward to having more time to spend with my family and friends: visiting, playing games and working puzzles, and not spending time being frustrated with my computer when it doesn’t obey my commands. I would like to say Thank You to the editors at the TAB for allowing me to share my jokes and stories with you all these years. I wish you all a joyful holiday season. Always remember the best gift at Christmas was Jesus. Now that I will be a true retiree, laugh a little with me when you read about what it means to be retired. You know you’re a retiree when: 1.  You and your teeth don’t sleep together. 2.  You try to straighten out the wrinkles in your socks and discover you aren’t wearing any. 3.  Your idea of a night out now is sitting on the patio. 4.  Getting  lucky means you remember where you left your car in the parking lot. 5.  Everything hurts, and what doesn’t hurt; doesn’t work. 6.  You sink your teeth into a steak, and they stay there. 7.  You have more hair in your ears and nose than on your head. 8.  You wonder how you could be over the hill when you don’t even remember being on top of it. Never lose your sense of humor because you grow old when you stop laughing. Take care and extend love to each other, Donna Brown