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Study shows need for new housing units

Some 2,110 households of all incomes are looking to move within and to Huntington County each year. If local communities take action and support new housing development, the county can expect to absorb 1,035 to 1,390 new housing units over the next five years. Those were the results of a study created through a partnership between the City of Huntington, Huntington County and the Community Foundation. The results were shared during a recent Housing Symposium. “I am extremely excited for the possibilities that this process could bring to grow Huntington County as a whole,” said Terry Miller, chair of the Huntington Housing Steering Committee. “The county needs housing of all types and prices ranges. The intent is to have a plan to expand the number of people moving to Huntington over the next five years and beyond. This responsible growth will move our county forward economically.” The symposium is part of a housing strategy the partnership is leading alongside the Housing Resource Hub, a 501c3 nonprofit housing development organization that seeks to help communities accomplish their housing dreams through dynamic and exciting homebuyer and housing development programs. “Housing is economic development,” said Heather Cont. on Pg. 7.  Presley-Cowen, CEO of the Hub. “Communities with swagger not only measure their housing market potential, but they take immediate action through private-public partnerships to develop situations that energize the market, remove obstacles and optimize housing production. Today, Huntington took a big step in that direction.” Steve Kimmel, Huntington County Chamber of Commerce executive director, said, “We are all keenly aware of the lack of housing units in our county. We, at the Chamber, answer many calls from individuals interested in renting market rate apartments to those wanting to purchase homes. Huntington County has a real need for more livable units at this time. As we bring more jobs to our community, housing is only going to become more of a challenge to tackle.” Officials with the Huntington partnership are asking community stakeholders, including residents and commuters, to share their housing dreams, as well as local governments, developers, builders, banks and lenders to request the support for their housing development plans, either envisioned or underway, by visiting the community’s housing strategy web page at