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4-H auction brings in $300,000-plus

Samuel Close leads his goat through the auction ring on Thursday morning at the Huntington County 4-H Fair.
Photo by Joseph Slacian

The 2023 Huntington County 4-H Fair Livestock Auction is being called a success. There were 425 lots sold for 4-H members in the county on Thursday, July 27, with a total premium of $246,790.  Total auction proceeds to 4-H members including the market value of livestock was $301,033.74.   No records were set for the sale of grand champion animals at this year’s auction.  In comparison to the 2022 auction, five more lots sold with total auction proceeds increasing by $17,439.80. A breakdown by breed is as follows: Dairy: 4 animals for $2,725. Beef: 13 animals for $40,403.24 Sheep: 15 animals for $11,456.20. Goat: 81 animals for $62,282. Poultry: 144 animals for $60,515. Rabbit: 91 animals for $43,836.50. Swine: 77 animals for $79,788.80.