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About Us: Introduction

The Huntington County TAB and newspapers such as ours were the early pioneers in total market circulation, and have become the trend-setters in the newspaper business. Once scoffed at and ridiculed by the paid newspaper industry and given names like “throw-aways,” “shoppers,” and worse, newspapers such as ‘The TAB’ have now become the industry “business model.”

Advertisers are facing a large variety of choices in advertising media and paid newspapers are facing a dwindling base in subscriptions.

Because of this, most newspapers are forced to offer some alternative to their outdated subscription-based delivery system. Following industry trends in the newspaper business, many of them are moving to free total market distribution newspapers.

The Huntington County TAB has always offered a Total Market Circulation, or as it is more commonly referred to in the industry, “TMC.” It is our only business and as such we have taken constant steps to maintain and improve the quality of news and advertising, as well as the integrity of our distribution.

The Huntington County TAB will continue to strive to provide the most for our clients' advertising dollar, and deliver local news and information free to the residents of Huntington County with the support of our advertisers.