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Advertising: Mechanical Specifications

Mechanical Specifications Electronic Files
1 Column 1-5/16 (1.339) inches
2 Column 2-13/16 (2.846) inches
3 Column 4-5/16 (4.352) inches
4 Column 5-13/16 (5.858) inches
5 Column 7-5/16 (7.364) inches
6 Column 8-13/16 (8.870) inches
7 Column 10-5/16 (10.376)inches
Page Size 7 Col. x 15-1/4 inches

Ads can be accepted by e-mail at:

Files can also be accepted on 3-1/2” floppy disk, zip disk or CD. JPEG is the preferred format for pictures, although we can accept TIFF and EPS files. Pictures with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher will allow more flexibility in adjustments. Camera-ready ads can be e-mailed also; PDF files are preferred. Larger ads can be compressed.

Position Request

'The TAB' will make all possible efforts to meet specific requests for location in the paper. Requests are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

No ad will be floated in the main news section and no ads will be printed upside down.

Color ads will be positioned according to press limitations.

Failure to meet position request will not constitute cause for adjustment, refund, or re-run.

‘The TAB’ makes all possible effort to be accurate in composition of ads and provides proofs when requested. In the event of an error, ‘The TAB’ does not assume any liability for goods sold at an incorrect price, and will only be responsible for the amount of space in which the error occurred. Claims for errors in advertisements will be allowed for the first insertion only.