Warren’s ‘Houdini’ on way to finding new home

“Houdini,” an American bulldog who has been running loose in the Warren area for more than four months, is finally in the care of a shelter. Photo provided.

The aptly named Houdini, a white dog that has been running loose in the Warren area for over four months, is finally on his way to finding a new home.

The American bulldog was first spotted by a resident of a nursing home near Riverside Veterinary Clinic, says Jenelle Conley, who works at the clinic and runs Lilly Bear's Rescue, a no kill animal shelter.

The woman who came in to the office told Conley that she saw him when she was out gardening and was concerned about him.

No one caught him then, and the dog continued to roam the area for the next 16 weeks.

"The whole town has been trying to catch this dog," says Conley.

Conley says she spent more than 48 hours trying to catch the dog when he was spotted about a month ago in Plum Tree.

No one was able to get close to the dog, though, not until he approached Warren resident Marci Lowe at a gas station on Dec. 20.

Lowe was able to get him into her car, and the dog brought to Huntington County Animal Control.

Houdini is now being taken care of by Canine Crossroads, a shelter in nearby Liberty Center.

No one knows for sure where the dog came from. There were rumors going around town about whose dog he used to be, Conley says, but those rumors are now thought to be false.

Originally, the townspeople of Warren thought the dog was deaf, but after further examination it has been determined that he has at least some hearing, says Amanda Clark, of Canine Crossroads Rescue.

Conley says that while the dog was roaming the town, "he was scared."

"You couldn't get within 10 feet of him and he would run," Conley explains.

Once, when she was close to catching him, Conley says he disappeared "like a ghost."

Houdini is described as "super sweet, friendly and already neutered."

Clark, of Canine Crossroads, says, "You can tell he has had a very rough life. Fast moving feet and hands are scary to him. You can tell he has been pushed back, hit and kicked."

Unfortunately, Houdini has never had anyone teach him what human words mean, Clark says.

"He needs a family that has a fenced yard," she says, "We are looking for a home that can teach this boy what being a dog should be like. He needs someone to show him what the comforts of life are.

"Be patient with him, and he will bloom like a flower."

So far, Houdini is adjusting well to being around caring humans, "Today, his tail finally wagged," says Clark.