Tippy Toes owner knows importance of foot care for elderly and diabetics

Mary Graves, owner of Tippy Toes, a new toenail trimming service in Huntington, stands with a washbasin that she uses during appointments. Photo by Steve Clark.

In her experience as a home healthcare nurse, Mary Graves became aware of how important foot care was, especially for the elderly and diabetics.

That's why Graves decided to open Tippy Toes, a toenail trimming service, in Huntington.

"I have been a home healthcare nurse for many years and I trimmed people's toenails when doing home healthcare and I just decided that this is a need for the area and want to do that sort of thing full time," Graves says.

"It's so important for people that are diabetic to keep their toenails trimmed and checked for sores because those will lead to amputations if not taken care of and watched."

Tippy Toes operates on a by appointment basis and Graves travels to her clients, which she says can be helpful to the elderly.

"More of the elderly people are staying at home now and I would like to be able to go into their homes to do this so that they don't have to leave their home because for a lot of them it's difficult," she says.

In addition to toenail trimming, Tippy Toes also offers a detox service.

"I also have the equipment to do detoxing, where you soak your feet and it takes the bad chemicals and impurities out of your system," Graves says.

Graves encourages clients to invite friends over during appointments, offering a discount to both the client and their friends for her services.

Services at Tippy Toes are not covered under Medicare or Medicaid.

To schedule a day and time for an appointment, call Tippy Toes at 260-414-8246.