Oak Street water tank dismantled after serving city more than century

Crews from Iseler Demolition dismantle a century-old water storage tank on Oak Street, in Huntington, on Tuesday, Oct. 8. Photo by Cindy Klepper.

A water storage tank that has served the city of Huntington for more than a century was dismantled on Tuesday, Oct. 8, rendered obsolete by the completion of a new water plant on the north side of the city.

The 400,000-gallon Oak Street storage tank was built in the late 1880s. On Tuesday, the sides of the empty tank were cut into large squares, lowered to the ground and cut into smaller pieces before being hauled away for scrap.

The standpipe was dismantled by a crew from Iseler Demolition, a company based in Romeo, MI, that specializes in water tower demolition. Ironclad Excavating, of Huntington, was scheduled to remove the tower's 10-foot-tall concrete base.

Without the Oak Street storage tank, the city can store 3 million gallons of water in elevated facilities, says Anthony Goodnight, the city's director of public works and engineering services. That storage capacity, which includes a new 1 million-gallon water tower, satisfies state requirements, he says.

The cost of razing the Oak Street tower was about $75,000, Goodnight says, adding that the cost of rehabilitating the storage tank had been estimated at $570,000.