Warren Town Council discusses bases, spraying

Warren Town Council held an abbreviated meeting Monday, June 29. It was a rescheduled meeting from June 22.

One item that was discussed, but was tabled until next meeting, was a letter from the Warren Baseball Association explaining why the group pulled the safety bases that were used in the league.

The safety bases were purchased 16 years ago and "almost immediately (the association) started seeing a major problem with them because they sit very flush to the ground and the first base girls and boys were having a hard time feeling them under their cleats," the letter says, which was read aloud by Council President Bill Cartwright.

The Warren Baseball/Softball Board did some research and says it found fields in Huntington, North Manchester and Muncie where such bases are not used. The bases that were pulled were donated, and the council wanted some explanation, Cartwright says.

Discussion on mosquito spraying took place as well. The spraying is scheduled to take place Tuesdays and Thursdays, but the council said either Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays would work better; most said Mondays and Thursdays.

Warren Town Marshal Dennis Spitler discussed the state's new rules on golf carts in incorporated areas.
If the town does not come up with some sort of ordinance, it will be assumed golf carts will not be allowed, the council says. But because they are already used anyway, says the town Clerk-Treasurer Marilyn Morrison, the council agreed that Morrison is to write an ordinance to allow the carts' usage.

The state has banned the carts as of July 1 but the council says since it is writing the ordinance, citizens of the town can still use them.