Smart's short hair is top feline

The Huntington County 4-H Cat Show was held Tuesday, July 21.

Caleb Smart's champion short hair cat was also the overall champion.

Rachel Seeley showed the champion long hair cat.

Reserve champions were Kayla Koch, short hair cat, and Ashley Ambriole, long hair cat.

All four exhibitors received blue ribbons.

Also receiving blue ribbons in the cat show were Andrea Broxon, Brooke Dennis, Jordan Dolby, Eli Ernst, Ethan Ernst, Sydni Fife, Alli Harris, Kaitlin Jones, Rachelle Mann, Jericho Parrett, Kayla Patrick, David Prather, Leigh Ann Reed, Kaydee Small, Colene Smart and Jacob White.

Other awards handed out included:

Advanced - Ashley Ambriole, champion; Mindi Hoffman, reserve; Brooke Dennis, Kaylie Dunn, Alli Harris and Haley Richman, blue ribbons.

Intermediate - Kayla Patrick, champion; Rachel Seely, reserve; Kyndell Hacker, Mackenzie Hacker, Andrea Brozon and David Prather, blue ribbons.

Beginners - Kaitlin Jones, champion; Jalen Rice, reserve.

Action Demonstration
Advanced - Colene Smart, champion; Mindi Hoffman, reserve.

Intermediate - Kayla Patrick, champion; David Prather, reserve; Rachelle Mann, blue ribbon.

Beginners - Karman Koch, champion.

Alli Harris was champion showmanship overall.

Advanced - Alli Harris, champion; Kayla Koch, reserve; Brooke Dennis, blue ribbon.

Intermediate - David Prather, champion; Andrea Broxon, reserve; Rachelle Mann, blue ribbon.

Beginners - Kaitlin Jones, champion; Jacob White, reserve; Karmen Koch, blue ribbon.