Name champions in basic crafts

Following are the results of the 4-H basic crafts judging.

They are:

Grades 3-7

Alexandra Forsythe, champion, with honors.
Holly Bickel, champion, with honors.
Kathleen Jacobs, champion, with honors.
Miyah Holmes, reserve champion, first alternate, with honors.
Emma Landrum, reserve champion, second alternate, with honors.
Rylie Bowman, reserve champion, third alternate, with honors.

Grade 3
Blue ribbons: Josi Barscz; Darianna Bryant; Aaron Hendryx; Miyah Holmes, with honors; Sara Kauffman; Mary Layman, with honors; Onyx Mihalec; Brenden Rice, with honors; Gracie Scher; Kaitlyn Stephan; Leigh Ann Trickle; and Jeffrey Whicker.
Red ribbon: Rylie Shipbaugh.

Grade 4
Blue ribbons: Bethany Brunner; Johnna Cummins; Hayley Haynes; Garrett Heaston; Alexandra Forsythe, with honors; Michael Okuly; Autumn Taylor; Kyle Winterrowd; and Michael Winters, with honors.
Red ribbons: Jarrett Bradon, Kylee Jojola and Sadie Kohler.

Grade 5
Blue ribbons: Anissa Bredemeyer, Karisa Clore, Isaiah Conley, Jessica Kauffman, and Emma Landrum, with honors.
Red ribbon: Kaitlin Jones.

Grade 6
Blue ribbons: Rylie Bowman, with honors; Kayla Campbell; Thomas Crider; Taryn Doering; Kyndell Hacker; Hannah Hubley; Martha Kiningham; Elizabeth Schieber, Lauren Stephan; and Elijah Vance, with hon-ors.

Grade 7
Blue ribbons: Holly Bickle, with honors; Alyssa Hiple; A.J. Hoover; Wesley Hutson; Kathleen Jacobs, with honors; Madison Jones; Carley McElhaney; Chelsea Reust; Casey Richman; Hannah Scher, with honors; and Katie Stephan.

Red ribbon: Cheyanne Slagel.

Grades 8-12

Cassandra Hacker, champion, with honors.
Colene Smart, champion, with honors.
Jodie Scher, champion, with honors.
Cole Bowman, reserve champion, first alternate, with honors.
Maryssa Campbell, reserve champion, second alternate, with honors.
Alex Brown, reserve champion, third alternate, with honors.

Grade 8
Blue ribbons: Anthony Bickel, with honors; Alexander Brown, with honors; Emily Brown; Rachel Cook; Onna Doering; Kayla Floyd; MacKenzie Hacker, with honors; Kayla Jojola; Tianna Myers; Jonathon Rentschler; Jodie Scher, with honors; MacKinzie Sharpe; Rebecca Smith, with honors; Matthew Waters; and Kaylee Winterrowd.

Red ribbon: Robyn Karst.

Grade 9
Blue ribbons: Jessica Baker, with honors; Elizabeth Blinn; Shelby Bradford, with honors; Victoria Bryant; Kylie Campbell, with honors; Brianna Crider; Brooke Dennis; Cassandra Hacker, with honors; Jenna Heaston, with honors; Sara Karst; Haley Richman; Heath Rush; Kaydee Small, with honors; Colene Smart, with honors; Halley Williams; and Candice Wright.

Red ribbons: Hannah Landrum and Cierra Miller.

Grade 10
Blue ribbons: Cole Bowman, with honors; Tyke Clore; Kaylie Dunn; Melissa Kauffman; Maureen Lund, with honors; and Jessica Sroufe, with honors.

Grade 11
Blue ribbons: Hayley Bradford, with honors; Sarah Carter; Mindi Hoffman; Erin Knight, with honors; Mariah Patrick, with honors; and Mariah Strass.

Grade 12
Blue ribbons: Blayne Brooks; Maryssa Campbell, with honors; Kiela Clore, with honors; Shauni Foster; Leigh Ann Reed, with honors; and Samantha Wright.

Red ribbons: Alli Harris and Tyler Karst.