Bredemeyer, Stanley, Forsythe, Buhler, Herber and King walk away with championships in electric

Following are the results of the 4-H electric judging.
They are:

Brent Bredemeyer, champion, with honors.
Daniel Shivley, reserve champion, with honors.

Blue ribbons: Brent Bredemeyer, with honors; Brandon Briggs, with honors; Daniel Hardy; Morgan Nightingale, with honors; Joshua Rice, with honors; Joseph Schnepp, with honors; Daniel Shivley, with honors; Garret Smith, with honors; Mitchell Sprowl; Zachary Tolen; and James Wright, with honors.

Brayden Stanley, champion, with honors.
Jami Norwood, reserve champion, with honors.

Blue ribbons: Griffin Brundige; Josiah Doctor; Ethan Ernst, with honors; Jami Norwood, with honors; Montana Phillips, with honors; David Prather; Connor Small; Brayden Stanley, with honors; Jake Stephan, with honors; and Jacob Witta, with honors.

Scott Forsythe, champion, with honors.
Wyatt Landrum, reserve champion, with honors.
Blue ribbons: Scott Forsythe, with honors; Alexander Hughes; Wyatt Landrum, with honors; and Andrew Smith.

Red ribbons: Ian Deetz and Cameron Dewitt.

Zachary Buhler, champion.
Brody Norwood, reserve champion.

Blue ribbons: Zachary Buhler, David Layman and Brody Norwood.

Red ribbons: Benjamin Blinn, Matthew Hogan and Clinton Rosen.

Alex Herber, champion.
Doyle King, champion.
Seth Cook, reserve champion.

Blue ribbons: Doyle King; Robert Sliger III; Kyle Williams; Kyle Lahr; Alex Herber; and Seth Cook.

Red ribbon: Austin Rosen.