Layman, Stine, Oswalt, Paschal earn champion honors for their fine arts and needlecraft projects

Following are the results of the 4-H fine arts and needlecraft judging.
They are:

JUNIOR Grades 3-7

David Layman, champion, fine arts, with honors.
Matthew Goines, reserve champion, fine arts, with honors.

Grade 3
Blue ribbon: Joseph Schnepp and Karman Koch, with honors.
Red ribbons: Alexandria Christman and Miyah Holmes.

Grade 4
Blue ribbons: Ellie Everts, Scott Foust, and Philip Zahm with honors.

Red ribbons: Anna Doctor, Joseph Hutson, Lily Sabinske and Autumn Taylor.

Grade 5
Blue ribbon: Nathan Park, with honors.

Red ribbons: Delaney Huff, Jessica Kauffman, Carlie Moser and Savanna Stolts.

Grade 6
Blue ribbons: Matthew Goines, with honors; and David Layman with honors
Red ribbon: Dustin Adamson.

Grade 7
Blue ribbons: Holly Bickel; A.J. Hoover, with honors; Wesley Hutson; and Casey Richman.

Red ribbon: Elijah Allred

Grades 8 & above

Sarah Stine, champion, fine arts, with honors.
Colene Smart, reserve champion, fine arts.

Grade 8
Blue ribbons: Emily Brown; Andrea Broxon; Kayla Floyd; Jaclyn Hiner; Tianna Myers; Elijah Van Dine, with honors; and Alexis Wygant, with honors.

Red ribbon: Bonnie Hardy.

Grade 9
Blue ribbons: Elizabeth Blinn, with honors; Octavia Middleton; Cierra Miller; Haley Richman; Colene Smart, with honors; and Mikah Strass.

Red ribbon: Jordan Dolby.

Grade 10
Blue ribbons: Abigail Hoffman, with honors; Melissa Kauffman; Samantha Paschal, with honors; Allie Sep-ter, with honors; Jessica Sroufe, with honors;

Red ribbon: Mikayla Larkey.

Grade 11
Blue ribbons: Cheyanne Hibbert, with honors; Emma Sabinske.

Red ribbon: Mikayla Larkey.

Grade 12
Blue ribbons: Samantha Dryer, with honors; Katey Pfister; and Sarah Stine, with honors.

Red ribbon: Kassandra Beemer.

JUNIOR Grades 3-7

Mallory Oswalt, champion, needlecraft, with honors.
Anissa Bredemeyer, reserve champion, needlecraft.

Blue ribbons: Darianna Bryant; Adrianna Collins; Mallory Oswalt, with honors; Anissa Bredemeyer; Amanda Tolen; Bonnie Hardy; Jaclyn Hinder; and Andrea Shriner.

Red ribbons: Johnna Cummins and Kaylee Winterrowd.

Grades 8 & above

Samantha Paschal, champion, needlecraft, with honors.
Alli Harris, reserve champion, needlecraft, with honors.

Blue ribbons: Victoria Bryant; Nola Cummins; Samantha Paschal, with honors; Ashley Ambriole, with hon-ors Samantha Drayer, with honors; Alli Harris, with honors; Stephanie Randall; and Sarah Stine.