Stanley, Hoover and Stoffel top competition in shooting sports poster judging

Following are the results of the 4-H shooting sports poster judging.

They are:

Grade 3-5
Brayden Stanley, champion, with honors.
Griffin Brundige, reserve champion, with honors.

Blue ribbons: Kody Moon; Jordan Neal; Kaitlin Aughinbaugh; Griffin Brundige, with honors; Seth Moon; Aaron Riecke; Brayden Stanley, with honors; Kyle Winterrowd; Dylan Wynkoop; Tyler Campbell; Wyatt Landrum; and Chandler Updike.

Red ribbons: Dalton Lusch, Jessica Kauffman and Zachary Parks.

Grade 6-8
A.J. Hoover, champion, with honors.
Jared Bartrom, reserve champion, with honors.

Blue ribbons: Jared Bartrom, with honors; Zachary Bischoff; Thomas Crider; Lucas Reust; A.J. Hoover, with honors; Doyle King; Alyssa Aughinbaugh, with honors; Vlad Kistler; and Kayla Patrick.

Red ribbon: Lane Burnau.

Grade 9-12
Tyler Stoffel, champion, with honors.
Thomas Case, reserve champion, with honors.

Blue ribbons: Wade Berry; Thomas Case, with honors; Brandt Walter; Alex Denicolo; Terry Miller; MacKenzie Donnelly; Casey Hardy; Lance Kreider; and Tyler Stoffel, with honors.

Red ribbons: Joshua Platt and Christopher Tudor.