Enyeart heads up new HNHS sports direction

Randy Enyeart.
Photo by Jessica Williams.

Originally published Oct. 1, 2009.

One Huntington North High School teacher and coach is bringing something new to the table this year.

Randy Enyeart, who teaches physical hducation and health and coaches football and track, has picked up the intramural sports program at HNHS to offer students another op-portunity to get involved.

"What we're trying to do is offer students other opportunities for athletic events outside of varsity sports," says Enyeart.

He says he understands varsity sports aren't for everyone.

And high school sports are limited to certain activities for girls (softball, basketball, golf, gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, swimming, cross country, track, soccer, dance and cheer-leading) and boys (football, basketball, tennis, baseball, golf, swimming, cross country, track, wrestling, soccer and club volleyball).
Enyeart wants to offer additional activities.

"We also get to do other sports that are not offered as varsity sports," he says, such as co-ed softball, badminton and cornhole tournaments, which they just completed.

Now he is preparing for the softball tournament, and so far he has four teams, including one of all middle school teachers.

Equipment has either been borrowed from participants (people brought their own corn-hole boards for the recent tournament) or the athletic department.

Varsity athletes are limited somewhat, though, in participation.

"If they are in season, they're not allowed to participate. That is a rule that I have. I'll try to police it as much as I can," Enyeart says.

He adds coaches will be on the lookout be-cause they are aware their athletes aren't allow to participate.

He hopes to offer two to three activities during each sports season, but it depends on facility use.

Enyeart says the high school's athletic department has been helpful this year in assisting with the new program.
The idea for this wasn't new, though.

Enyeart saysthe program was out there last school year, but nobody picked it up. Then when current Athletic Director Michael Gasaway joined the HNHS crew, he wanted to start up a summer weight-training program under Enyeart's lead.

That's when Enyeart decided to take the reins of the intramural program.

To get the word out, he has posted signs and posters around the school, made announcements and got the sign-up sheets out. But he says most students probably don't know yet it is going on, and he hopes after a year students will see it's out there.

The high school program will continue to offer intramurals when school is in session and the weight-training program during the summer.