Huntington police chief offers Halloween safety tips for everyone

Huntington Police Chief S. Thomas Emely offers these Halloween safety rules to protect yourself and your children:

Carry a bright flashlight to illuminate sidewalks, steps and paths.

Always walk, do not run. You can slip and fall down.
Stay on the sidewalks. If there is no sidewalk, walk on the left side of the road.

Walk single file, facing the traffic.

Cross streets only at corners, with adults.

Trick-or-treat only in familiar neighborhoods.

Wear clothing and costumes with reflective tape or glow-in-the-dark markings.

Visit houses that have lights on, especially houses with Halloween decorations. Always use the front door; never go to the back of a house.

Stay away from any animals that you do not know.

Always be polite. In addition, do not forget to say "thank you."

If you buy a costume, look for one made of flame-retardant material.

Ideally, young children of any age should be accompanied by an adult.

Avoid streets under construction. There are holes and pits. Use common sense.

Older children should know where to reach you and when to be home.

You should know where they are going and with who they are going with.

Although product tampering is rare, tell the children to bring all of their candy home to be inspected before consuming anything.

Look at the wrapping carefully and toss out anything that looks like tampering.

Bring your child for a visit to your local police or fire department.

Make sure your yard is clear of such things as ladders, garden hoses, dog leashes and low flowerpots. These objects can trip the young trick-or-treater.

Be sure the path and stairs to your front door are well illuminated and clear of obstacles. Double-check all the outside lights.

Pets get frightened on Halloween. Put them some place secure, to protect them from cars or inadvertently biting a trick-or-treater.

Pass out healthy food alternatives for visiting trick-or-treaters.