Norwood RSWD meeting to discuss increased wastewater fees

Residents of Norwood Estates and Yake Subdivision are invited to attend a meeting of the Norwood Regional Sewer and Water District on Saturday, June 17, at 9 a.m. at the Andrews Town Hall, 316 Main St., Andrews.

A recently-approved increase in the fees charged by the Andrews wastewater utility, which serves both housing additions, will be discussed.

The Norwood Community Association invites Norwood residents to contact their street representatives with questions and concerns about the rate increase. Those questions and concerns will be forwarded to the Norwood RSWD prior to Saturday’s meeting.

Representatives are Helen Goble, CR 580N,; Joyce Fryman, Maple Grove Road,; and Phyllis Pieper, CR 442N, CR 443N, CR 444, CR 445N and CR 641W,

Also, Jay Ballard, CR 465N, jayballard2011@; Mary Burke, CR 615W,; PJ Eddie, CR 635W,; and Glen Pogue, director-at-large, lindygirl54@gmail. com.

The Andrews wastewater utility serves 184 homes at Norwood Estates and 87 homes at Yake Subdivision.

The wastewater rate increase, which was approved last month by the Andrews Town Council, will help pay for improvements to the town’s wastewater treatment plant. The work was mandated by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM).

This increase, expected to be reflected on bills received in July or August, is the second rate hike related to the treatment plant project.

The first increase, which was approved about a year ago and took effect last August, was not passed on to Norwood residents by the Norwood RSWD, Andrews town officials said.

The Andrews utility does not figure or send bills to individual homeowners at Norwood or Yake, Andrews Clerk-Treasurer Laura Dillon explained. Instead, the total wastewater coming from both subdivisions is metered and billed to the Norwood RSWD. That organization then bills the individual homeowners, she said.

The Norwood Regional Sewer and Water District is conducting a rate study to determine how the increase will be passed on to individual homeowners.

In the past, the district was charged a rate 16.4 percent higher than that charged to residents of Andrews. With the latest rate increase, the Andrews Town Council decided to charge Norwood and Yake subdivision the same rate paid by residents of the Town of Andrews.