Home grown produce and herbs earn ribbons for many local 4-H gardeners

The results of the 4-H jumbo garden judging have been announced.

They are:


Blue ribbons: Ceaten Brubaker, champion; Kaitlin Aughinbaugh, reserve champion; Audrey Bischoff, Eli Ernst, Andrew Freck, Seth Gilbert, Jase Gunn, Mara Hendryx, MacKenzie LaCroix, Matthew McMillan, Evan Meyer, Jennifer Meyer, Brendon Ramp, Eli Ramp, Zachary Ramp, Lily Rubrake, Addison Strine and Kinsey Strine.

Red ribbons: Emma Eller, Cori Heffelfinger and Alivia Inks.


Blue ribbons: Caden Brubaker, champion; Andrew Freck, reserve champion; Freeman LaCroix and MacKenzie LaCroix.

Red ribbons: Taryn Jojola and Lily Rubrake.


Blue ribbons: Kristian Kline, champion; Rylie Shipbaugh, reserve champion; Brenden Buehler, Nathan Buehler, Taryn Jojola, Freeman LaCroix, MacKenzie LaCroix, Ryan Shipbaugh, Addison Strine, Kinsey Strine and Keaton Waters.

Red ribbon: Ryan Shipbaugh.


Blue ribbons: Kristian Kline and MacKenzie LaCroix, champions; Colsen Brubaker, Brenden Buehler, Nathan Buehler, Taryn Jojola, Freeman LaCroix, Ryan Shipbaugh, Rylie Shipbaugh, Keaton Waters and Lane Wright.

Red ribbons: Brendon Ramp, Eli Ramp and Zachary Ramp.


1 Plate

Blue ribbons: Ross Cuttriss, champion; Ryan Shipbaugh, reserve champion; Jonathan McMillan, with merit; Lily Clanin, Emma Haupert, Kristian Kline, MacKenzie La-Croix, Eli Ramp, Rylie Shipbaugh and Andrew Sorg.

Red ribbons: Freeman LaCroix and Elizabeth Sorg.

3 Plate

Blue ribbons: Haley Smith, champion; Katelyn McMillan, reserve champion; Mara Hendryx and Matthew McMillan, with merit; Hannah Haupert, Kylee Jojola, Taryn Jojola and Madeline Rubrake.

4 Plate

Blue ribbon: Jenna Poulson, champion.

5 Plate

Blue ribbon: Jordyn Poulson, champion.


Blue ribbons: Hannah Haupert, champion; Emma Haupert, reserve champion; and MacKenzie LaCroix, with merit.

Red ribbons: Grace Gross, Kristian Kline, Carter Zezula, Jordyn Poulson, Emma Hosier and Freeman LaCroix.


Blue ribbons: Kristian Kline, champion; Matthew McMillan, reserve champion, Jenna Poulson, with merit; Emma Haupert and Jordyn Poulson.