Championships spread around at 4-H goat show competition

The results of the 4-H goat show have been announced.

They are:



Jada Johnson, champion.


Jada Johnson, champion; Jami Norwood, reserve champion.


Aaron Amick, champion; Mara Hendryx, reserve champion.


Alexis Leidig, champion. Austin Amick, reserve champion.

First Year

Gabriella Betterly, champion. Laura Lochner, reserve champion.


McKenna Landrum, grand champion meat doe and champion senior meat doe.

Jordyn Poulson, reserve grand champion meat doe, reserve champion senior meat doe and champion meat mother/daughter.


Mara Hendryx, champion. Madison Poulson, reserve champion.

0-4 Months

Blue ribbons: Jenna Poulson, first; and Jordyn Poulson, second.

4-8 Months Heat A

Blue ribbons: Mara Hendryx, first; Jada Johnson, second; Jordyn Poulson, third; Matthew McMillan, fourth; Justin Hladik, fifth; Gavin Husband, sixth; and Dalton Husband, seventh.

4-8 Months Heat B

Blue ribbons: Madison Poulson, first; Jada Johnson, second; Jenna Poulson, third; Lizzie Colclesser, fourth; Emma Wissinger, fifth; and Reece Colclesser, sixth.

8-12 Months

Blue ribbons: Jonathan McMillan, first; Evan Lochner, second; and Emma Locher, third.


12-24 Months Heat A

Blue ribbons: McKenna Landrum, first; Mara Hendryx, second; Austin Amick, third; Madison Poulson, fourth; Matthew McMillan, fifth; Madison Poulson, sixth; and Dalton Husband, seventh.

12-24 Months Heat B

Blue ribbons: Jordyn Poulson, first; McKenna Landrum, second; Jordyn Poulson, third; Katelyn McMillan, fourth; Jenna Poulson, fifth; Dalton Husband, sixth; and Samantha Carroll, seventh.

2-3 Years

Blue ribbons: Jordyn Poulson, first; Jenna Poulson, second and third; and Audrey Bischoff, fourth.

Over 3 Years
Blue ribbons: Jonathan McMillan, first; Jenna Poulson, second; Katelyn McMillan, third; and Madison Poulson, fourth.


Austin Amick, champion meat market, champion county-bred meat market and reserve champion county-bred meat market.

Caden Brubaker, reserve champion meat market.

29-42 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Skyla Tomasek, first; Johnna Cummins, second; Jersey Hacker, third; and Kelby Kiel, fourth.

49-59 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Ceaton Brubaker, first; Riley Richardson, second; Avery Baird, third and fourth; Colt Hacker, fifth; Addison Funk, sixth; Hayden Beard, Madison Houser and Kyra Kiel.

62-68 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Steven Vlot, first; Dalton Tomasek, second; Jami Norwood, third; Jonathan McMillan, fourth; Angus Jones, fifth; Savannah Jones, Emma Melcher, Audrey Bischoff, Mara Hendryx and Ashton Eppard.

69-74 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Austin Amick, first; Jami Norwood, second; Katelyn McMillan, third; Garrett Heaston, fourth; Reece Colclesser, fifth; Tyler Melcher, Dalton Husband, Josephine Fritcha, Jenna Poulson and Griffin Husband.

75-79 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Austin Amick, first; Aaron Amick, second; Garrett Heaston, third; Jordyn Poulson, fourth; Emma Wissinger, fifth; Emily Perdue, Madison Poulson, Aydon Eppard and Mickensey Parker.

80-84 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Caden Brubaker, first; Brock Eltzroth, second; Matthew McMillan, third; Dalton Husband, fourth; Clayton Johnson, fifth; Savannah Jones, Cole Eltzroth, Evan Lochener, Justin Hladik and Katie Melcher.

85-88 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Aaron Amick, first; Colsen Brubaker, second; Steven Vlot, third; Caden Husband, fourth; and Grant Husband, fifth.


Breanna Leidig, grand champion pygmy doe.

Hannah Haupert, reserve grand champion pygmy doe.

Garrett Scher, champion pygmy mother/daughter.


Hannah Haupert, champion junior pygmy doe and reserve champion junior pygmy doe.

0-6 Months

Blue ribbons: Rylie Farr, first; Hayley Jackson, second; Matthew Kline, third; Skyla Tomasek, fourth; Briley Scher, fifth; and Coltin Mounsey, sixth.

6-12 Months Heat A

Blue ribbons: Hannah Haupert, first; Samuel Close, second; Victoria Keiffer, third; Alexis Leidig, fourth; Breanna Leidig, fifth; Brooke Swaidner, Hayley Jackson, Mackenzie Brown, Mat-thew Kline, Ashtin Mounsey, Cheyenne Karst and Michael Kline.

6-12 Months Heat B

Blue ribbons: Hannah Haupert, first; Garrett Scher, second; Emma Haupert, third and fourth; Breanna Leidig, fifth; Benjamin Stoffel, Joseph Stoffel, Michael Kline, Peyton Lauer, Matthew Kline, Ethan Farr, Alexis Leidig, Anikah Eckert and Claire Eckert.

12-24 Months Heat A

Blue ribbons: Alexis Leidig, first; Victoria Keiffer, second; Ethan Farr, third; Hayley Jackson, fourth; Breanna Leidig, fifth; Rylie Funk, Addison Funk, Stephanie Atkinson (2 ribbons) and Hayley Jackson.

12-24 Months Heat B

Blue ribbons: Alexis Leidig, first; Breanna Leidig, second; Aleah Eckert, third; Garrett Scher, fourth; Hannah Haupert, fifth; Briley Scher, Arizona Sunday, Michael Kline, Cheyenne Karst, Garrett Scher and Kayla Brown.


Breanna Leidig, champion senior pygmy doe.

Alexis Leidig, reserve champion senior pygmy doe.

Under 2 Freshened

Blue ribbon: Garrett Scher.

2 Years to under 3 Years

Blue Ribbons: Alexis Leidig, first; Garrett Scher, second; Breanna Leidig, third; Emma Haupert, fourth; Rylie Farr, fifth; Stephanie Dryer, Matthew Kline, Michael Moehring and Skyla Tomasek.

3 Years to under 5 Years

Blue ribbons: Breanna Leidig, first; Michael Kline, second; Briley Scher, third; and Alexis Leidig, fourth.

5 Years and Older

Blue ribbons: Alexis Leidig, first; Garrett Scher, second and third; Breanna Leidig, fourth; Matthew Kline, fifth; Stephanie Atkinson, Stephanie Dryer, Michael Kline (2 ribbons) and Dalton Tomasek.


Samuel Close, champion pygmy market and reserve champion county-bred pygmy market.

Brendon Ramp, reserve champion pygmy market.

Gabriella Betterly, champion county-bred pygmy market.

21-28 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Brendon Ramp, first; Brooke Swaidner, second; Eli Ramp, third; Stephanie Dryer, fourth; Zachary Ramp, fifth; Michael Kline and Cheyenne Karst.

29-32 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Briley Scher, first; Peyton Lauer, second; Matthew Kline, third; Emily Freise, fourth; Brooke Swaidner, fifth; Kayden Smith, Emily Freise, Barrett Barscz, Hayley Jackson and Austin Mounsey.

33-40 lbs.
Blue ribbons: Victoria Keiffer, first; Reid Johnson, second; Josi Barscz, third; Kortney Campbell, fourth; Phoenix Bruce, fifth; Mackenzie Brown, Logan Richison and Hayley Jackson.

42-49 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Gabriella Betterly, first; Brett Krumanaker, second; Samuel Close, third; Victoria Keiffer, fourth; Clay Richison, fifth; Addison Funk, Rylie Farr and Benjamin Stoffel.

51-60 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Samuel Close, first; Emma Haupert, second; Ethan Farr, third; Kaylee Krumanaker, fourth; Hannah Haupert, fifth; Saij Hildebrandt, Jackson Holzinger, Wi-lliam Holzinger, Reid Johnson, Joseph Stoffel and Emma Haupert.


Seth Moon, champion Nigerian dwarf dry doe.

Kody Moon, reserve champion Nigererian dwarf dry doe.

Intermediate Kid

Blue ribbons: Shayna Cripe, first; Kody Moon, second; and Seth Moon, third.

Junior/Senior Yearling

Blue ribbons: Seth Moon, first; and Kody Moon, second and third.


Evan Locher, champion Nubian dry doe and overall champion dry doe.

Ian Broderick, reserve champion dry doe and overall reserve champion dry doe.

Junior/Intermediate Dry Doe

Blue ribbons: Ian Broderick, first and second; Lane Wright, third; and Abagayle Wright, fourth.

Senior Kid

Blue ribbons: Ian Broderick, first and second; Elaina Teusch, third; Hannah Warpup, fourth; Ben Johnson, fifth; Cobe Crawford and Jaxon Crawford.

Junior/Senior Yearling

Blue ribbons: Evan Lochner, first; Ian Broderick, second and third; and Stephanie Atkinson, fourth.


Spencer Atkinson, champion all other breeds milking doe and overall champion milking doe.

Laura Lochner, reserve champion all other breeds milking doe and overall reserve champion milking doe.
Ian Broderick, champion mother/daughter.

Senior Milking Doe 1 to under 3

Blue ribbons: Laura Lochner, first; Samantha Atkinson, second; Ian Broderick, third and fourth; and Samantha Carroll, fifth.

Senior Milking Doe 3 to under 5

Blue ribbon: Emma Lochner.

Senior Milking Doe 5 Years and Older

Blue ribbons: Spencer Atkinson, first; and Ian Broderick, second.


Alyse Geiger, champion dairy market.

Ava Geiger, reserve champion dairy market.

Garret Smith, champion county-bred dairy market.

Andrew Freck, reserve champion county-bred dairy market.

19-31 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Shayna Cripe, first; Hannah Warpup, second; Maleah Warpup, third; Ben Warpup, fourth; Tucker Stetzel, fifth; Gabriel Baumgardner, Maleah Warpup, Haidee Stetzel and Bailey Baumgardner.

33-40 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Kaylea Baker, first; Haidee Stetzel, second; Kiera Searles, third; Lane Wright, fourth; Garret Smith, fifth; Landon Martin and Lane Wright.

41-48 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Kaylea Baker, first; Abagayle Wright, second; Izaya Dunno, third; Kinlee Landrum, fourth; Samantha Atkinson, fifth; Lola Ann Smith, Eli Brown and Ben Johnson.

50-57 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Abagayle Wright, first; Andrew Freck, second; Spencer Atkinson, third; Joshua Hill, fourth; Luke Hill, fifth; Cobe Crawford and Jaxon Crawford.

59-62 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Hannah Warpup, first; Aleasia Decot, second; Cooper Worster, third; Marissa Trout, fourth; Kinlee Landrum, fifth; Stephanie Atkinson and Sawyer Teusch.

63-73 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Keagan Landrum, first; Evan Hill, second; Cohen Worster, third; Cora Hill, fourth; Ian Broderick, fifth; and Lily Rubrake.

77-85 lbs.

Blue ribbons: Alyse Geiger, first; Ava Geiger, second; Garret Smith, third; Andrew Freck, fourth; Madeline Rubrake, fifth; Ben Warpup and Preston Teusch.

Blue ribbons: Spencer Atkinson, first; Alexis Leidig, second; Samantha Atkinson, Kayla Brown, Danita Clark, Stephanie Dryer, Aleah Eckert, Emily Freise, Alivia Hernandez, Aidan Hosler, Matthew Kline, Michael Kline, Kirsten Walker and Ashton Hosler.


Lizzie Colclesser, first; Riley Richardson, second, and Angus Jones, third.