Andrews to secure brush disposal property with fence in near future

The Andrews Town Council discussed securing town property used for brush disposal at its meeting on Monday, Aug. 28.

The property, located at the west end of Terrell Street, is utilized by both the town and public. While the town allows the public to deposit brush there, garbage has also been dumped at the site, which the town prohibits.

In the interests of limiting that kind of activity, council gave Utility Superintendent Colin Bullock permission to install a gate at the property. Hours will be posted as well. Councilman John Harshbarger estimated that the gate would be installed in a few weeks.

The board also discussed purchasing a woodchipper to reduce the volume of brush on the property. Harshbarger noted that the resulting woodchips would be useful as cover for nearby trails.

Council deliberated on what property fees residents who depart Andrews in the wintertime for warmer climates will still be responsible for paying.

“I understand that they’re not here, but we still have some costs involved with protecting their property and so forth,” said Harshbarger, referring to fees such as fire hydrant rental.

The board expressed interest in researching how other municipalities approach the topic, then making a final determination.

Ultimately, the town’s policy will be delineated in the water utility ordinance. Council also discussed clarifying utility disconnection and reconnection procedures in the ordinance before a vote is taken on its approval.

Representatives from the Huntington Countywide Department of Community Development updated the board on two properties in town.

DCD inspected 195 W. Jefferson St. in July and again on Aug. 11, finding a variety of internal and external issues. Marla Stambazze, DCD’s land use division/office coordinator, stated that her current goals for the property were to see a structure erected on the house’s side to shelter a motorcycle be enclosed or removed and for a koi pond in the front yard to be removed. A representative from the property acknowledged those goals and council resolved to have DCD conduct another inspection in 60 days.

Stambazze and DCD Office Assistant Jessica Campbell also reported on 21 Maple St. and praised the property’s new owner, Adam Vogleman, for the many improvements he had made. Upon passing electrical and plumbing inspections, the agreed order on the property will be released, Stambazze stated.