Roanoke council authroizes more testing at lagoon

The Roanoke Town Council authorized additional water testing at a lagoon that the Indiana Department of Environmental Management wants to see closed at its meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 5.

The board agreed to pay $876 to have Element Fort Wayne, an environmental testing lab, return to the lagoon to take more samples and run further tests. Element first sampled the lagoon’s water in July and tests revealed the presence of substances that IDEM would not allow to be discharged into a waterway.

This was a setback for council, as it had hoped to drain the lagoon into the nearby Little River.

The board is not abandoning that plan, though, and hopes the next round of tests will show that the troubling substances can be filtered out of the water to IDEM’s satisfaction.

The town’s supervisor of operations, Phil Hibbert, informed council he would contact Element and get the additional sampling scheduled.

In other business:

• The board passed Resolution 2017-2, which reduced a variety of appropriations by a total of $439,103.

• Council voted to have Tim Federspiel pay $131.87 in water and trash fees on two of his rental properties in town, 297 W. Vine St. and 341 W. Vine St.

• The board approved an updated town building code, which aligned the town’s existing code with the county’s and also brought it into compliance with the state.

• Council agreed to pitch in $2,500 for the purchase of Christmas lights for Main Street.