Roanoke Town Council discusses wage increases for employees

The Roanoke Town Council discussed wage increases for town employees during its meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 21.

The majority of the board’s discussion centered on Macy McClellan, utility department employee. Councilwoman Joan Abbott, the board’s utility department liaison, recommended that McClellan be given a 5 percent pay raise, as well as one week of vacation time.

As McClellan is a recent hire, having joined the department on Aug. 18, Councilman John Stoeckley contended that a 2.5 percent pay raise at the start of next year, followed by another 2.5 percent bump on his one-year anniversary, would be more appropriate. Stoeckley and his fellow councilmembers also favored granting McClellan one vacation day a month next year until his anniversary date, at which point he would receive one week of vacation.

Aside from McClellan, the board voiced support for 3 percent pay raises to Supervisor of Operations Phil Hibbert, Park Department Employee Bob Scott, Marshal Jim Wood and Deputy Marshal Jeremy Goff.

Clerk-Treasurer JoAnn Kirchner also recommended that council be given a $300 pay bump.

The board will vote on all of the increases at its next meeting, Dec. 5.

On the matter of trash collection, council voted to extend its contract with Republic Services. The pact, which was set to expire at the end of this year, will now run through 2020.

Under the new contract, residents will pay slightly more for service each month. The new rate of $10.62 represents a $1.13 increase over the current rate of $9.49.

The rate will continue to reflect a 15-cent surcharge assessed by the town for administrative costs.

In other business, the board voted to have Hibbert replace Perry Collins on the Huntington County Economic Development board.