Andrews conducting income survey in effort to snare grant

Officials in Andrews will soon conduct a low to moderate income survey, with the aim to snag a $600,000 stormwater grant from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA).

Town Clerk-Treasurer Laura Dillon says the survey is required for the grant, and she encourages town residents to take part in order to provide the data necessary to prove the need for the money.

Ball State University will conduct the anonymous study, she says, adding that no town officials will know any details about those who participate and provide data.

“The Town of Andrews has nothing to do with it, so it’s completely confidential,” she says. “The only people that see the results are Ball State University.”

Dillon adds that the opportunity to apply for an OCRA grant doesn’t usually happen this time of the year, but the agency opened up another grant application in December.

“We’re trying to get our ducks in order, and one of those ducks is the low to moderate income survey,” she adds, “and we need to make our residents aware.”

The surveyors will first reach out to Andrews water and sewer customers by phone. If they cannot get enough participants they will have to go door to door or send out a mailing. Dillon says she does not know exactly when the calls will be made, but it will be very soon since the application is due to OCRA by Feb. 4.

“We’re trying to take advantage of any money we can get,” she adds. “When you’re talking more than half a million dollars, timing is crucial.”

For more information, contact Dillon at Town Hall, 786-3848 ext. 202.