Holdman’s ‘baby box’ bill passes Indiana state senate by vote of 47-0

State Sen. Travis Holdman, R-Markle, announced Senate Bill 123, which would expand the availability of newborn safety incubators, commonly referred to as “baby boxes,” passed the senate on Jan. 17 by a vote of 47-0.

Keeping with Indiana’s Safe Haven law, Holdman introduced SB 123 to expand the use of baby boxes in Indiana by allowing fire departments staffed 24/7 to install baby boxes. Baby boxes are safety incubators where mothers can anonymously surrender their newborn babies. Currently, there are only two in Indiana. Expanding this program is voluntary, and allows each fire department to make the decision whether or not to install these boxes.

“Expanding baby boxes to fire stations will help save more infants across our state and ensure no harm will come to them,” Holdman said.

“Installing an alarm system on the boxes and ensuring the fire departments are fully staffed, I am confident the babies placed in them will be safe. This expansion will positively affect the state and relieve mothers of concern about what to do with their babies they cannot support.”  

SB 123 has now moved to the House of Representatives.