Long wins Democrat party chairmanship in 'do-over' election

Jim Long.
Photo by Andre Laird.

With significantly less fanfare and drama than in its first election, the Huntington Democrat Party has selected James L. "Jim" Long as its new chairman.

The election was held on Saturday, April 4, and was a do-over to the previous election in which Gary Snyder was elected under much debate as to validity of the process.

In the first election, Snyder was elected by a tie-breaker vote cast by outgoing chair Kenneth Zuk. The election election included two proxy votes, which is against party rules.

The re-vote was overseen by Fifth District Chairman Keith Clock. Long ran unopposed, as Snyder elected not to run.

After the process was completed, Long addressed the group by saying it was time for the party to move forward in a positive direction.

"We need to have more of a presence and voice in local government," Long stated. "It starts by getting the right number of voters in our county. We need to know who they are, where they are and figure out how to get them involved and active in the party."