Forsythe and Freck are tops in collections judging

Following are the results of the 4-H collections judging.
They are:

Grades 3-5

Alexandra Forsythe, champion, with honors.
Brianna Mason, reserve champion, with honors.

Blue ribbons: Brent Bredemeyer; Brandon Briggs, with honors; Griffin Brundige, with honors; Darianna Bryant; Tremar Clore, with honors; Alexandra Forsythe, with honors; Scott Foust, with honors; Rachael Fulton; Coradela Helton; Alex Hosler; Pierce Huff; Kaitlin Jones; Sara Kauffman, with honors; Sarah Malone; Brianna Mason, with honors; Victoria Mickelson, with honors; Zachary Parks; and Dylan Wynkoop.

Red ribbon: Jeremiah Johnson.

Grades 6-8

Elizabeth Freck, champion.
Stephanie Glessner, reserve champion.

Blue ribbons: Bethany Bassett, with honors; Anthony Beery Bennett; Kristen Dyson; Elizabeth Freck; Rhyan Geiger; Stephanie Glessner; Matthew Goines; Colt Helton; Jaclyn Hiner; Alexander Hughes, with honors; Martha Kiningham; Stephanie McElhaney, with honors; Andrew Nelson; Tyler Nelson; Andrea Okuly; Ashley Okuly; Casey Richman, with honors; and Kaylee Winterrowd.

Grades 9-12

Blue ribbons: Jessica Baker; Kelsey Carroll; Rachel Decker; Steven Freck, with honors; Shelby Hiner; Jessica Jerabek, with honors; Shana Leonhardt, with honors; Brittney McElhaney; Anthony Nelson; Stephanie Randall; Sarah Stine, with honors; Jay Theobald; and Jamie Wolf.