Two Forsythes and Hollowell tops in vet science judging

The following are the results of the 4-H Veterinary Science judging:

Grades 3-5

Alexandra Forsythe, champion, with honors.
Jalen Rice, reserve champion, with honors.

Blue ribbons: Anissa Bredemeyer, with honors; Alexandra Forsythe, with honors; Kaitlyn Lamar; Emma Landrum, with honors; Wyatt Landrum; Logan Nightingale; Jordyn Poulson, with honors and Jalen Rice, with honors.

Grades 6-8

Scott Forsythe, champion, with honors.
Annaliese Kline, reserve champion, with honors.
Blue ribbons: Alyssa Aughinbaugh, with honors; Holly Bickel, with honors; Erica Carroll; Jessie Earhart, with honors; Scott Forsythe, with honors; Stephanie Glessner; Kyndell Hacker; Mackenzie Hacker; Annaliese Kline, with honors; Gabrielle Malone; Morgan Nightingale; Abigail Oursler and Tori Rice.

Grades 9-12

Alyssa Hollowell, champion, with honors.
Kassandra Beemer, reserve champion, with honors.

Blue ribbons: Kassandra Beemer, with honors; Alyssa Hollowell, with honors; Kayleigh Hutson, with honors; Jillian Keplinger, with honors; Samantha Paschal, with honors and Brittney Stephan.