N. Stucky, A. Stucky and Miller are rocketry champions

Followingg are the results of the 4-H rocketry project judging.

They are:

Grades 3-5

Nicholas Stucky, champion, with honors.
Nathan Park, reserve champion, with honors.
Andrew Freck, champion poster, with honors.

Blue ribbons: Johanna Ashley; Anissa Bredemeyer, with honors; Brent Bredemeyer, with honors; Savannah Brown, with honors; Andrew Freck, with honors; Brent Kreiger; Wyatt Landrum; Zachary Lavine; Conner Ma-son, with honors; Nathan Park, with honors; Luke Pulver; Daniel Shivley; Nicholas Stucky, with honors; Wyatt Waters; Jacob White and Adam Wixted.

Grades 6-8

Austin Stucky, champion, with honors.
Cameron DeWitt, reserve champion, with honors.

Blue ribbons: Zachary Buhler; Samuel Cook; Cameron DeWitt, with honors; Daniel Hardy; Jacob Miller; Kyle Platt and Austin Stucky, with honors.

Grades 9-12

Justin Miller, champion, with honors.
Joshua Platt, reserve champion, with honors.

Blue ribbons: Justin Miller, with honors; Josh Platt, with honors and Caleb Witta.