Jones is overall grand champion at 4-H cat show

Brooke Dennis (right) listens as Judge Windy Johnston critiques her cat during the Huntington Cuntyh 4-H Cat Show on Tuesday, July 17, at Hier's Park. Photo by Cindy Klepper.

The Huntington County 4-H Cat Show was held Tuesday evening, July 17, in Heritage Hall at Hier's Park.

Kaitlin Jones was named grand champion overall.

Jones had the champion short hair cat, and Amanda Elliot had the champion long hair cat.

Reserve champions were Mason Conley, long hair cats; and Caleb Smart, short hair cats.

All four earned blue ribbons.

Blue ribbons, with merit, went to Kennady Chapin, Carrie Runyan, Jacob White, Rachelle Mann, Kayla Patrick, David Prather and Colene Smart.

Earning blue ribbons were Joeseph Kibellus, Peter Kibellus, Ashley Wesco, Brooke Dennis and Kaydee Small.

Additional awards in the cat project were:

Beginners - Peter Kibellus champion; Joeseph Kibellus, reserve. Both earned blue ribbons.

Intermediate -Kaitlin Jones, champion; Jalin Rice, red ribbon.

Advanced - Jericho Parrett, champion; Kayla Patrick, reserve. Both received blue ribbons.

Also earning blue ribbons in the advanced division were Brooke Dennis and Haley Richman. Amanda Elliot received a red ribbon.

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Beginners - Kennady Chapin, champion; Ashley Wesco, reserve. Both received blue ribbons, as did Mason Conley.

Advanced - Kayla Patrick, champion; Rachelle Mann, reserve. Both received blue ribbons, as did David Prather.

Brooke Dennis was the overall champion and champion in the advanced division. Kaitlin Jones was the intermediate champion, and Peter Kibellus was champion in the beginners division.

Reserve champions were David Prather, advanced; and Mason Conley, beginners.

All received blue ribbons.

Blue merit awards went to Kennady Chapin, Joeseph Kibellus, Carrie Runyan and Ashley Wesco, beginners; and Rachelle Mann, advanced.