Judges make calls on top 4-H shutterbugs in several disciplines

Photography projects for the 2012 Huntington County 4-H Fair were judged on Thursday, July 19, at Lincoln Elementary School in Huntington.

Results are listed below:


Merisa Walter, champion.
Amara Eckert, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons: Keegan Bartrom; Gabriel Baumgardner; Kirsten Bickel; Audrey Bischoff; Jayden Bolinger, with honors; Jack Braden, with honors; Grace Bradford; Lily Clanin; Jake Collins; Stephan Dailey; Amara Eckert, with honors; Chloe Feltner; Malijah Foust, with honors; and Thom Greving.

Also, Jacob Haneline; Alivia Harmon, with honors; Jessica Hartmus; Jessica Hernandez; Ashley Higgins; Savannah Jones; Victoria Keiffer, with honors; Freeman Lacroix III; Mackenzie Lacroix; Rebecca Landers; Karissa Marley, with honors; Katie Melcher; Lauryne Pearson; Audrey Rice, with honors; and Carrie Runyan, with honors.

Also, Mason Satterthwaite, with honors; Ethan Stafford, with honors; Crosley Stanley; Sawyer Stoltz; Morgan Stout, with honors; Sierra Tolen; Merisa Walter, with honors; Hannah Warpup, with honors; Kaytlin Wiley; Derek Worster; and Madison Worster, with honors.

Red ribbons: Hailey Alford; Roxanne Bentley; Lacey Boxell; Brynn Caley; Drew Cook; Anna Eckert; Olivia Godfroy; Jozie Ivey; Cheyenne Karst; Damon Kaylor; Kate Leichty; Jarid Miller; Valerie Miller; Mariah Okuly; and Ryan Shipbaugh.

Montana Phillips, champion.
Blue ribbons: Haley Burnau; Chelsea Clark, with honors; Karisa Clore; Courtney Coffman, with honors; Jacob Ely; Rachel Ervin, with honors; Gabrielle Haneline; Zackery Jackson; Sara Kauffman; Kaitlyn La Mar; Sarah Malone; Montana Phillips, with honors; Tyler Stephan; Zachary Tolen; and Adam Wixted.

Red ribbons: Katlin Carroll; Anna Doctor; Kylee Jojola; Katie Land; Jennifer Meyer; and Michael Okuly.

Alexander Tolen, champion.
Cassie Hacker, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons: Jessica Baker, with honors; Holly Bickel; Zachary Bischoff; Taylor Clark; Nicole Eckert; Kayla Floyd; Jessica Fowler, with honors; Cassie Hacker, with honors; Sabra Jackson; Sara Karst; Tori Martin; Casey Richman; Elizabeth Scheiber; Alexandra Stanley; Marissa Stephan; Jessica Stucky; Alexander Tolen, with honors; Amanda Tolen; and Leslie Yarde.

Red ribbons: Katie Korporal; Ashlee Krider; Brooke Leichty; and Ashley Okuly.


Blue ribbons: Emelia Ottinger; and Zachary Tolen, with honors.

Alexander Tolen, champion.
Casey Richman, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons: Aaron Huntley; Casey Richman, with honors; Haley Richman; Jowaun Scher; Colene Smart; and Alexander Tolen, with honors.

Red ribbons: Hannah Landrum.


Ethan Stafford, champion.
Brianna Shane, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons: Barrett Barscz, with honors; Grace Bradford; Julia Crist; Jacob Haneline; Jessica Hernandez; Allyssah Hix; Peyton Lewis; Brianna Shane, with honors; and Ethan Stafford, with honors.

Red ribbons: Kennidy Lauer and Karissa Marley.

Mary Kate Sieberns, champion.
Jordan Neal, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons: Mickalea Bowman; Johnna Cummins, with honors; Rachel Ervin, with honors; Morgan McNally; Jordan Neal, with honors; Brenden Rice, with honors; Mary Kate Sieberns, with honors; and Alexandra Underwood.

Blue ribbons: Kayla Campbell; Kylie Campbell; Kayla Floyd; Jessica Fowler; Macy Phillips; Madison Phillips; Elizabeth Scheiber; and Sarah Smith.

White ribbons: Ashlee Krider.


Kaitlyn Stephan, champion.
Mary Kate Sieberns, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons: Josi Barscz, with honors; Jarrett Braden; Erin Burke; Chelsea Clark; Jacob Ely, with honors; Rachael Fulton; Kaitlin Jones; Sara Kauffman; Seth Moon; Hannah Nelson, with honors; Michael Okuly; Sophie Ottinger; Amanda Pugh; Brenden Rice; Joshua Rice, with honors; Samantha Roller, with honors; Rylie Shipbaugh; Mary Kate Sieberns, with honors; Kaitlyn Stephan, with honors; Savanna Stoltz, with honors; Madalyn Weller, with honors; and Dylan Wynkoop.

Rebecca Smith, champion.
Matthew Knight, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons: Elijah Allred; Jessica Baker, with honors; Ethan Bartrom; Holly Bickel; Tyler Blocker; Nola Cummins, with honors; Kayleigh Daniels; Jordan Dolby; Olivia Ely; Elissa Garretson; Bonnie Hardy; Adam Harris-Shoemaker; Sabra Jackson; Shelby Johnston; Kayla Jojola; Martha Kiningham; and Matthew Knight, with honors.

Also, Jordan Lund, with honors; Madison Ottinger, with honors; Jonathan Rentschler; Haley Richman; Heath Rush; Jowaun Scher; Zachary Shearer; Matthew Sieberns; Colene Smart, with honors; Andrew Smith, with honors; Nicole Smith, with honors; Rebecca Smith, with honors; Sarah Smith; Katie Stephan; Haylee Weller; and Leslie Yarde.

Red ribbons: Rachel Cook, Aaron Huntley and Ashley Okuly.


Madalyn Weller, champion.
Samantha Roller, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons: Josi Barscz; Mickalea Bowman; Karisa Clore; Johnna Cummins, with honors; Sydni Fife; Gabrielle Haneline; Miyah Holmes; Jessica Kauffman; Sarah Malone; Seth Moon, with honors; Emelia Ottinger; Sophie Ottinger; Montana Phillips, with honors; Joshua Rice, with honors; Samantha Roller, with honors; Savanna Stoltz; and Madalyn Weller, with honors.

Red ribbons: Coradela Helton; and Kaitlin Jones.

Walker Spahr, champion.
Andrew Smith, reserve champion.
Blue ribbons: Elijah Allred, with honors; Tyler Blocker, with honors; Katelynn Bruce; Taylor Clark; Nola Cummins, with honors; Jordan Dolby; Bonnie Hardy; Aaron Huntley; Shelby Johnston; Kayla Jojola; Jordan Lund; Madison Ottinger, with honors; Kayla Patrick; Macy Phillips; and Madison Phillips.

Also, Heath Rush; Elizabeth Scheiber, with honors; Mackinzie Sharpe; Matthew Sieberns, with honors; Colene Smart, with honors; Andrew Smith, with honors; Nicole Smith, with honors; Rebecca Smith; Walker Spahr, with honors; Alexandra Stanley; Katie Stephan; and Haylee Weller.

Red ribbons: Rachel Cook; Kayleigh Daniels; Elissa Garretson; Adam Harris-Shoemaker; Martha Kiningham; Katie Korporal; and Hannah Landrum.