Judge chooses best among 4-H scrapbook competitors

Following are the results of the 2012 4-H scrapbooking contest.

They are

Level A
Madelynn Keiffer, champion.
Hannah Witta, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Hailey Alford; with honors; Lily Clanin, with honors; Haleigh Dennis; Anna Eckert; Olivia Godfroy; Alivia Harmon, with honors; Madelynn Keiffer, with honors; Zoie Lavine, with honors; Kate Leichty; Karissa Marley with honors; Taylor Martz, with honors; Beverly Powley; Brianna Shane, with honors; Hannah Warpup, with honors; Ashley Wesco; Hannah Wita with honors.

Level B
Victoria Keiffer, champion.
Karmen Koch, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Savannah Brown; Anthony Bryant; Victoria Hinshaw; Jozie Ivey; Savannah Jones; Victoria Keiffer, with honors; Karmen Koch, with honors; Emma Melcher, with honors; and Brenden Rice with honors.

Red ribbon: Darianna Bryant.

Level C
Amanda Pugh, champion.
Brianna Mason, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Kaitlin Jones; Darian Lavine, with honors; Brianna Mason, with honors; Leah Padgett, with honors; Amanda Pugh, with honors;

Red ribbon: Martha Kiningham.

Level D
Kayla Koch, champion.
Carley McElhaney, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Victoria Bryant; Erica Carroll; Lauren Daas; Olivia Ely, with honors; Jaclyn Hiner; Sara Karst; Kayla Koch, with honors; Brooke Leichty; Carley McElhaney, with honors; and Sarah Smith.

Red ribbon: Katie Korporal.