Four levels of champions in 4-H floriculture contest

Following are the results of the 2012 4-H floriculture contest.

They are:

Level A
Hannah Thomson, and Katie Melcher, champions.
Blue ribbons: Mackenzie Lacroix; Katie Melcher, with honors; Hannah Thompson, with honors.

Level B
Rylie Shipbaugh, champion.
Colt Myers, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Colt Myer, with honors; Rylie Shipbaugh, with honors.

Red ribbon: Cori Heffelfinger.

Level C
Emma Landrum, champion.
Jasmine McGaughey, champion.
Montana Phillips, champion.
Taylor Scher, champion.
Lauren Stephan, champion.
Julie Winters, champion.
Kaylee Jojola, reserve champion.
Madison Phillips, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Kylee Jojola, with honors; Emma Landrum, with honors; Jasmine McGaughey, with honor; Morgan McNally; Madison Phillips, with honor; Montana Phillips, with honors; Taylor Scher, with honors; Lauren Stephan, with honors; Sarah Vlot; and Julie Winters, with honors.

Level D
Brooke Dennis, champion.
Bonnie Hardy, champion.
Macy Phillips, champion.
Hannah Scher, champion.
Tess Widener, champion.
Candie Armstrong, reserve champion.
Kathleen Jacobs, reserve champion.
Tianna Myers, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Candie Armstrong, with honors; Brianna Crider; Brooke Dennis, with honors; Rhyan Geiger; Bonnie Hardy, with honors; Kathleen Jacobs, with honors; Kayla Jojola, with honors; Tianna Myers, with honors; Macy Phillips, with honors; Heath Rush; Hannah Scher, with honors; Colene Smart; Sarah Smith; and Tess Widener, with honosr.

Red ribbon: Kendra Wright.