McMillan, Whicker, Forsythe are alpha 4-H’ers in wildlife projects

Following are the 2012 4-H wildlife results.

They are:

Level A (Grades 3-4)
Matthew McMillan, third grade champion; and Maggie Park, third grade reserve champion.
Wilson Whicker, fourth grade champion; and Audrey Bischoff, fourth grade reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Kirsten Bickel; Audrey Bischoff, with honors; Matthew McMillan, with honors; Maggie Park, with honors; Chase Satterthwaite; Ashley Wesco; and Wilson Whicker, with honors.

Level B (Grades 5-6)
Jeffrey Whicker, champion; and Cori Heffelfinger, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Cori Heffelfinger, with honors; Ethan Stafford; and Jeffery Whicker, with honors.

Level C (Grades 7-9)
Scott Forsythe, champion; and Kaitlin Aughinbaugh, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Kaitlin Aughinbaugh, with honors; Jacob Ely; Scott Forsythe, with honors.