Name several champions in 4-H electric project

Following are the results of the 2012 4-H electric judging.

They are:

Level 1
Corah Rupley, champion.
Colin Suchcicki, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Colin Betterly, with honors; Josephine McClure; Corah Rupley, with honors; Nicholas Scheiber; Briley Scher, with honors; Alyssia Stephan; Colin Suchcicki, with honors; Alex Wesco; and Lesley Zook.

Red ribbon: Samuel Elliott; Dylan Hasty; Adin Ivey; Joseph Kibellus; Matthew McMillan; and Benjamin Shriner.

Level 2
Josef Thomson, champion.
Mason Sell, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Spencer Atkinson, with honors; Dane Eherenman; Darren Jackson; Nicholas Melchi; Evan Meyer; Mason Sell,with honors; Josef Thomson, with honors; and Steven Vlot.

Level 3
Jarod Lewis, champion.
Evan Hill, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Evan Hill, with honors; and Jarod Lewis, with honors.

Red ribbon: Dane Brown; Hank Pulver; Lexin Rupley; Tyler Stephan; and Sam White.

Level 4
Joshua Rice, champion.
Joseph Schnepp, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Joshua Rice, with honors; Joseph Schnepp, with honors.

Level 5
Jami Norwood, champion.
Montana Phillips, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Jami Norwood, with honors; and Montana Phillips, with honors.

Red ribbon: David Prather.

Advanced Level
David Laymon, champion.
Ian Deetz, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Ian Deetz, with honors; and David Layman, with honors.

Red ribbon: Kyle Lahr.