Rooney, Winters are best in starter calf contest

Following are the results of the 2012 4-H starter calf show.

They are:

Devon Rooney, champion beef starter calf.
Emma Landrum, reserve champion beef starter calf.

Class 1
Blue ribbons: Victoria Keiffer, first; Matthew Knight, second and third; Mason Sell, fourth; and Austin Mounsey, fifth.

Class 2
Blue ribbons: Tori Johnson, first; Courtney Coffman, second; Chad Lytle, third; Michael Henderson, fourth; and Colin Suchcicki, fifth.

Class 3
Blue ribbons: Kaitlyn Stephan, first, and Candie Armstrong, second.

Class 4
Blue ribbons: Gracie Scher, first; Lauren Stephan, second; Emma Bechtold, third; Brooke Lengerich, fourth; Deandra Wygant, fifth; and Mackenzie Whitman, sixth.

Class 5
Blue ribbons: Devon Rooney, first; Madelynn Keiffer, second; Sarah Hunnicutt, third; Tyler Kline, fourth; Courtney Coffman, fifth; Sarah Hunnicutt, sixth; and Deandra Wygant, seventh.

Class 6
Blue ribbons: Emma Landrum, first; Taylor Scher, second; Tyce Rooney, third; Lauren Stephan, fourth; Garrett Scher, fifth; and Alexis Wygant, sixth.

Kaitlyn Winters, champion dairy starter calf.
Julie Winters, reserve champion dairy starter calf.

Class 8
Blue ribbons: Chase Williams, first; Julie Winters, second; Katie Melcher, third; Halley Williams, fourth; and Arizona Sunday, fifth.

Class 9
Blue ribbons: Kaitlyn Winters, first; Angel Thurman, second; Jonathan Richardson, third; and Jessie Earhart, fourth.

Class 10
Blue ribbons: Jonathan Richardson, first; Jake D. Stephan, second; Collin Lengerich, third; Brianna Mason, fourth; Jake D. Stephan, fifth; and Darin Thomas, sixth.

Class 11
Blue ribbons: Tyce Rooney, first; Nathan Richardson, second; Emma Melcher, third; Nathan Richardson, fourth; Katie Melcher, fifth; Daniel Hardy, sixth; and Kyle Lahr, seventh.

Class 12
Blue ribbons: Kaitlyn Winters, first; Ryan Thomas, second; Michael Winters, third; Kyle Lahr, fourth; Emma Melcher, fifth; and Frances Schannep, sixth.

Class 13
Blue ribbons: Julie Winters, first; Stephanie Atkinson, second; Andrew Mason, third; and Spencer Atkinson, fourth.

Taylor Scher, champion beef rate of gain.
Stephanie Atkinson, champion dairy rate of gain.

First Year

Tyler Kline, champion.
Stephanie Atkinson, reserve champion.

Tyce Rooney, champion.
Spencer Atkinson, reserve champion.

Emma Melcher, champion.
Gracie Scher, reserve champion.

Tori Johnson, champion.
Julie Winters, reserve champion.

Master Showmanship
Tyce Rooney, champion.