Walker, Warpup, Scher and Wright top genealogy project

Josef Thomson (left) explains his genealogy project to judge Dee Moore during non-livestock project judging at Lincoln Elementary School on Thursday, July 19, as part of the Huntington County 4-H Fair. Photo by Steve Clark.

Following are the 2012 4-H genealogy results.
They are:

Level 1
Kirsten Walker, champion.
Lily Clanin, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Holly Bickel, with honors; Lily Clanin, with honors; Coradela Helton; Carrie Runyan; Josef Thomson, with honors; and Kirsten Walker, with honors.

Level 2
Benjamn Warpup, champion.
Blue ribbon: Taylor Clark; Cameron Foust, with honors; Scott Foust, with honors; Ethan Stafford; Rebecca Teusch; and Benjamin Warpup, with honors.

Level 3
Taylor Scher, champion.
Sarah Smith, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Taylor Scher, with honors; and Sarah Smith, with honors.

Level 4
Kendra Wright, champion.
Clinton Rosen, reserve champion.
Blue ribbon: Elijah Allred; Stephanie Glessner, with honors; Clinton Rosen, with honors; and Kendra Wright, with honors.